Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekly Weigh In: Start

Ok, I have tried to start these several times in the last few months and have been unsuccessful, but this time I am truly ready to buckle down and do this. I am sick and tired of being unhealthy and feeling so uncomfortable with my body. I’m a 19-year-old girl, I am 5’3” and 185 lbs. Over the last three years I have gained about 50 lbs. I am not even sure what I used to weigh. This Monday I decided ok, I am going to do this already, no more yo-yo dieting, no more loosing 8 lbs. and gaining back 10. I am going to loose this weight and be healthy. I’ve worked out in the morning everyday this week so far and after I finish writing this post I will be going to workout again. What I’ve been doing is running a mile everyday on the treadmill and doing the blogilates beginner’s workout calendar. I’ve also been trying to eat better, I have taken over grocery shopping and cooking for the summer at my house so I can buy and make myself healthy food. 
Dinner from the other night, a good start for a pizza bites addict.

My breakfast from yesterday, I love berries!

      So I am currently 185 lbs, and my goal is 135 lbs. I will update again next week, possibly monday. wish me luck!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Revamp Your Mirror

My first DIY post! And it is one that I have been wanting to do for a while now. I have had this hot pink floor length mirror from Target for years, my mom bought it for me after my last one was shattered. At the time I loved it, it was pink and if you can't tell from the paint color. I sort of love pink. But there were scratches on it and it was the last one of its kind and it was like 10$ or something. So now that we are getting ready to hopefully move soon I am envisioning my new space in whatever apartment, condo, whatever we end up getting and I picture it very clean and whimsical and soft. I have so many projects planned for it and cannot wait to share. So I started out updating my tacky pink mirror.

All I really did was spray paint it and cover the build in cork board with some old scrap book paper. It cost me less than 5$ to do this whole project, and all I spent money on was the spray paint. Such simple changes but what a huge difference!

I started off eye balling the size of paper I needed to cut out, I just held up the paper, picked a spot, and hoped I cut a straight line. I have no patience for rulers.

I got it close enough for my liking, I'm not planning on keeping the pink permanent, I originally wanted blue paper but didn't have any left.

Then I took it outside, laid out a drop cloth, and and covered the mirror with paper and taped it off. I recommend using painters tape, but I didn't have any and substituted masking tape which worked fine.

Then the painting! I used an Ivory colored spray paint that is for plastic, metal, ect. I did about three thin coats of the stuff.

Notice how now the drop clothe is weighted down. Do that BEFORE you start painting. I didn't and a sudden gust of wind, yes sudden, blew the cloth onto my wet paint and almost ruined my mirror. I didn't even think about it because of how windless the rest of the day was. Then I just peeled off the paper and tape and here it is!

I love it! It looks so much cleaner and far less tacky. I use the cork board piece to store some of my post earrings and I feel that the mirror is no longer an eye sore in my room that I will soon be saying goodbye too. Simple little fixes can make the world of a difference!